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Forex Education

Learn To Trade Like A True Professional


The Guevara Group specialise in forex education for both beginners and experienced investors. We have created an online education course specifically for people interested in learning the ‘in’s and out’s’ of forex trading. Our goal is to provide you with real knowledge based on decades of experience as elite traders. You can feel confident that you’re learning from experts that have worked with well- established global investment banks and hedge fund companies. At The Guevara Group, we’ll give you access to a variety of software resources and tools worth thousands of dollars. What we provide is very unique.


Those outside the institutional trading space rarely have access to what these traders are doing. Furthermore, it’s important not to believe ex-bank traders telling you how to manage your money. Why? They often facilitate currency flows through a desk on behalf of clients. That isn’t trading. You will reap greater benefits, working with a company that has worked with major international hedge fund managers such as Guevara Capital. With our forex education programme, you’ll be trained to operate a business trading global foreign exchange, commodity and various other financial markets – just like the elite traders do. We are proud to have assisted hundreds of potential investors throughout Singapore, London and Hong Kong with the Guevara programs.


For more information on forex education, contact The Guevara Group on (02) 8277- 6681 or send an online enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.