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Guevara Capital (“Guevara”) is a Sydney-based absolute return manager. The key Principals of Guevara bring extensive track records in both institutional and alternative investment environments and have managed some of the largest risk books in foreign exchange, credit,  commodity and financial markets in global banks such as JPMorgan Chase and hedge fund powerhouses such as Millenuim Capital (WorldQuant).


The company seeks to generate returns to investors through long-term compound growth. We are a research-led business and use high-level mathematics and statistics to develop trading models that manage risk across global financial, foreign exchange and commodity markets. We can hold short or long positions across all markets traded.


Guevara manages a short term diversified trading strategy which does not rely on favourable conditions in any particular market or on general appreciation of asset values, and aims to deliver returns across all market conditions. Our proprietary systems are designed to build on and expand underlying themes and logic that display robustness across all levels from trade inception to risk management, execution platforms and liquidity management across multiple markets. The investment program has large scale-ability and has been designed to manage significant institutional allocations.


Guevara Capital Access P/L is a separate entity to Guevara Capital P/L and provides education and trading programs based on what works for the institutional investment community.