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Learn To Trade

Get Access To The Best Trade Resources Available


If you have learnt to trade in the past with no success, contact Guevara Capital today. We are experts in the field of foreign exchange and commodity trading. It is a science that only elite traders understand, with in depth knowledge that is not generally understood by most people. Our edge is to make the whole ‘trading’ process easy to understand and bring you into our world. You can rely on Guevara training to teach you the science of trading and give you the right tools to think and trade like elite professionals. You will learn what we know.


At Guevara Capital Access, you’ll have access to our resources built over decades and even get to trade with our money. Depending on your trading capabilities, you can access anywhere from $20,000 to over $1,000,000 of our capital. It’s that easy. Each member of our team brings several decades of experience with global investment powerhouses such as, JP Morgan and top end Hedge Fund company Millenium. If you’re looking for ‘free advice’ or ‘tips’, we are not the business for you. This is trading for ‘grown ups’ and for those who are serious about commodity and forex trading. We offer the best elite- trading program taught by professional institutional traders.


If you’ve learnt to trade with no previous success, contact The Guevara Group on (02) 8277- 6681 or send an online enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.