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Trading Capital

Robust Trade Software That Delivers Results


If you’re interested in how to get started with trading capital, speak to the Guevara Group today. As part of our program, we provide you with our capital to trade. This means, you can become a true professional and reap the rewards of operating your own trading business. Our specialised trading program is designed to get you thinking the way we think. It is designed to get you acting with a robust and systematic approach, like we do. It is designed to get you trading like we do, with capital that is meaningful. Furthermore, we have first hand experience working as successful traders with a range of high calibre Investment banks and hedge funds.


Our program incorporates all the resources we have as an institutional trading manager, allowing you to be as close to trading as a successful institutional trader. At Guevara Capital, we have worked hard to develop a ‘results driven’ program that is structured in such a way that each component is designed to work in sync with all the other components. This makes for a more robust and holistic offering that is truly unique and only available from the Guevara Group. You don't learn "trading tips' or "trading recommendations". That is for amateurs. Our primary goal is to help you become part of the trading world, that you’ve never had access to before.


For more information on how we provide trading capital, contact The Guevara Group on (02) 8277- 6681 or send an online enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.